About Me

Is there any way to prevent this description from sounding like every other "about me" rant? Probably not. I'm 20. Female. My hair color changes with my mood.
I started a blog to grow with the new age of social media opposed to ignoring it and ending up with a job milking cows on a farm in Ohio. (Not that there is anything wrong with that, it just isn't my cup of tea.) I am a junior at Ferris State University. I am pursuing a degree in public relations. I want to focus on event planning. Blah blah blah. I love candy. (Seriously)

Music is my first love. Nothing will ever compare to her.
Beauty, health/fitness, & fashion is a friend.
Crafting is a acquaintance (I want our relationship to be more than this, I just lack patience.)

I hope that you view this blog and it makes you think. Whether you feel inspired, or feel that you want to beat me over the head with a bag full of bricks (assuming you are strong, maybe small stones if you are not) I will be content knowing that you viewed my blog and actually read what I had to say.

My plan is to make what I have to say actually interesting, (most of my posts will be on fashion and things along that line) because I personally do not enjoy blogs that are about what the creator of said blog is doing that day.
Unless you are Dumbledore, or some other kind of wizard magic folk, I doubt you are doing anything far from what everyone else is doing...which is nothing.

Good day to you!


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